Sabetha Golf Club Rules and Regulations


To become a member, you must first be sponsored by a current member, then have your membership application approved by the board.  Annual statements for dues are mailed at the end of January.  Dues are to be paid according to the dues schedule.  After June 1, delinquent members will be notified and their names posted in the clubhouse.
During special events (such as a wedding) the kitchen may be closed, but the bar area is always open to members.  Please be considerate of those having the party.  No alcoholic beverages are to be brought to the course or clubhouse for any reason.  All alcohol on the premises must be purchased on the premises and is not to leave the premises (State Liquor Law).  Absolutely no alcohol is to be consumed by minors on the premises.
A monthly newsletter and calendar will be mailed or emailed to you to keep you informed of tournaments, events, projects and board meetings, as well as clubhouse hours and special menus.  Please contact the club secretary if you would like to receive this newsletter and calendar by email, which helps reduce expenses incurred by the club.
This is your Country Club and you should take pride in how well the clubhouse and the grounds appear.  Please help to keep them looking this way.  Volunteer help is always needed and the club will always appreciate any time you are able to devote to maintenance and special projects.






In full by March 1 or
1st half by March 1 and
2nd half by June 1

Single –Full


Same as above

Social - non-golfing


In full by March 1

Junior – golfing and swimming (not allowed to bring guests)


In full by March 1

Meal Cards


Cards are dispersed as they are paid for (see dues schedule)

Club Stock – optional

$100 lifetime

$25 discount/year on membership

Late fee of $25 will be assessed after June 1



Guests that reside within 45 miles of Sabetha are allowed a total of two days of golfing each year (tournaments excluded) and unlimited visits to the pool to swim (see fees table) and the clubhouse to eat.  Guests that live at least 45 miles from Sabetha are allowed unlimited golfing, use of pool and visits to the clubhouse to eat.  Guests must be accompanied by a member and pay fees as listed.  Non-members should check in at the clubhouse, if it is open, to pay green fees.  If the clubhouse is not open, register and pay fees at the box at hole #1.


Please use a 90 degree rule.  Drive your carts in the rough until you are 90 degrees from the ball, then drive back to the rough.  Slower players are to let faster players behind you play through so the course does not get congested (especially on busy weekends).  This is for your safety.  Shoes must be worn on the greens at all times.  Repair all ball marks on greens and fill divots on the course with sand.  Do not leave cigarette butts or sunflower seeds on the greens.  Keep trash picked up and do not throw items over the fences into neighboring properties.  Appropriate clothing must be worn on the course at all times.  Please respect the posted rules.  Keep carts on the course to a minimum and cart pool when possible.  Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to drive the golf cart without adult supervision.

Green Fees


Monday – Friday

Weekends and Holidays

Guests (must be with member)

9 holes = $10

9 holes = $12

18 or more holes = $15

18 or more holes = $20

Outside 45 mile radius of Sabetha (not with a member)

Purchase one day membership for $25 (includes green fees)

Club Sponsored Tournaments

Fees set by tournament committee

Non-Club Tournaments

$700 plus $10/person over 60 golfers

Guests living within 45 miles of Sabetha are limited to two days of golfing per year (excluding tournaments).  Guests living further than 45 miles from Sabetha may have unlimited visits.


Cart Sheds

Cart sheds are owned by the Sabetha Golf Club.  If you decide that you do not need the shed anymore, do not sell it or give it to someone else as that is not your privilege.  Let the board member who is in charge of cart sheds know that you are vacating and the next person on the waiting list will be offered the vacant shed.  If you are in one of the newer sheds and are paid up for 10 years, the club will reimburse you for the unused years and the new tenant will pay the balance.  If you wish to have a cart shed, you will need to submit your name to be placed on the waiting list.  Since you are sharing a shed with another person, it is common courtesy to close and lock the shed while you are not in it.

Type of cart

Shed Rent (cart path assessment included)







Clubhouse hours vary throughout the year, with changes being posted in the monthly newsletter.  During special events (such as a wedding) the kitchen may be closed, but the bar area is always open to members.  Please be considerate of those having the party.

The clubhouse may be rented by members or by non-members who have a sponsoring member for their event.  Each member may rent the clubhouse for their own event or sponsor a non-member one time per year.  A sponsoring member who is a member of Sabetha Golf Club must be present from start to finish of the scheduled event and is responsible for any damage to the clubhouse or its furnishings beyond normal wear and tear.  In the event that a non-member does not pay accrued charges, the sponsoring member is responsible.  Sponsors are also responsible for seeing there is no underage drinking or alcohol being brought on the premises.  Bar staff will check ID’s at the bar.

A $100 deposit is required and is for cleanup afterwards.  If you or your guests choose to do the cleaning, you will receive a $50 refund of your deposit.  Cleanup includes sweeping the entire dining room floor, mopping the dining room floor, and putting all tables back under the direction of the clubhouse manager and employees.  In addition, tables and chairs should be washed as needed, and trash and debris are to be cleaned up on the porch, in the yard and in the parking lot.

Meals may be catered into the clubhouse or you may use the clubhouse catering services.  A $100 fee will be assessed for outside catering.  The kitchen may be used by outside caterers but must be left as clean as it is found.  Failure to clean the kitchen will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

At the conclusion of the event, the sponsoring member is invited to inspect the premises with the clubhouse manager.  The sponsor is subject to any additional charges which the manager may find fair and reasonable for any damage that may have been caused by the outside caterer (if applicable) or any participant of the event.

Contact the club secretary or the clubhouse manager for reservations and contract.



Clubhouse rental

Member - $200 total ($100 deposit)
Non-Member - $300 total ($100 deposit)
($50 refund if you help clean afterwards)

Outside Catering



$1.50 for each 3 x 3 table (4 place setting)

Food and beverages

Contact clubhouse manager (284-2023)


Swimming Pool

The pool will be open from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend.
Lifeguards will be on duty from 12:00 to 5:00 PM daily, unless posted otherwise at the pool gates.  Swimming when guards are not on duty is at your own risk.  Gates are locked at 10:00 PM.
Lifeguards are not babysitters; therefore parents of young children must be available for supervision and be attentive at all times.
Glass, popcorn and sunflower seeds are not allowed in the pool area.
Running and rough play are not allowed and will be subject to disciplinary measures.
Skateboards, bicycles and roller blades are not allowed within the pool area.

Pool Use


Jr. members with guests (family or friends)

Not allowed to bring guests

Non member guests inside 45 mile radius of Sabetha, must be with member

$2 per visit

Non member guests outside 45 mile radius of Sabetha, must be with member

No charge (unlimited use)

Private lessons by pool lifeguards (schedule with lifeguard)

$40 for 10 lessons (30 minutes each)

Members giving private swim lessons to non-members

$15/non-member family

Non-member giving private swim lessons to members

$15/member family

Member babysitter with non-member children


Non-member babysitter with member children


Water aerobics

Members - $1/session
Non-members - $2/session

Pool rental – includes 2 lifeguards, includes non-member fees (morning and evening reservations preferred)


Fees are to be paid to the lifeguard on duty, the pool manager, or in the clubhouse.
Members will be billed for any of the above situations where a non-member has not paid.



Board Members

President Mark Carpenter
Secretary/Accounting Sue Brockhoff
Cart Sheds Alvin Thompson
Clubhouse Lucille Kirk
Golf Course Ken Kerr
Pool Dave Remmers
Membership Scott Aberle
Social Matt Saylor
Stag Jay Fankhauser
Tournaments Jay Herrmann