The swimming pool opens Memorial Day weekend (Saturday) and remains open until pool 1Labor Day. Depending on weather conditions, extended days beyond Labor Day may be available. The pool is 60' long and 30' wide with ample deck space for sunbathing and supervising children. The area is fenced in to prevent young children from wandering off, and includes a separate fenced in wading pool for non-swimming toddlers. The wading pool includes a fountain along with colorful paintings on the bottom of the pool to entertain young children.

pool 3Gates are unlocked by 9:00 am each day. Lifeguards are on duty from 12:00 pm until 5:00 pm and gates are locked at 10:00 pm. Swimming when gates are unlocked and unguarded is at the swimmer's own risk. Swimming when gates are locked is prohibited.pool 2

Services offered include private swim lessons by Red Cross certified lifeguards, and water aerobics if enough members are interested. Private lessons and water aerobics are usually conducted in the morning and are scheduled by appointment with the lifeguards. If interested in private lessons, contact Michaela Krebs (785-285-2591), Alexis McAfee (785-236-1595) or Laurel Smith (785-285-8163). Please see the Rules and Regulations for pricing schedule.

Swim Lessons Policy: Due to the size of the pool as well as an increase in the number of lessons being given, a limited number of outside lessons will be allowed. Only lifeguards employed by Sabetha Golf Club will be allowed to give lessons during the morning hours, and possibly early afternoon hours. Any lifeguard/instructor not employed by Sabetha Golf Club will need to schedule their lessons after 4:00 pm. Exceptions to this policy must be cleared through the pool manager. Please abide by this policy in order to provide the best teaching/learning experience possible for those involved.